Residential Applications

Spray foam and closed crawl space systems are increasingly becoming the greener alternative for discerning homeowners and residential building project managers thanks to its myriad of benefits. Not least of which is the fact that homes can save approximately 20%-30% - or even more - per month on utility bills.

At Evergreen Foam & Insulation we’ve identified a steady growth pattern in the number of builders across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia offering superior construction products like spray foam and closed crawls. Homeowners are opting for spray foam insulation and closed crawl space systems when renovating their homes.

Who doesn’t want to lower their utility bills, enhance the comfort of their living environment and add permanent value to their home?

Energy Renovation

Evergreen Foam & Insulation's energy renovation program has been custom developed to enable homeowners to asses their homes current performance and significantly lower their energy thus saving costs on monthly utility bills.


Weatherization is the practice of protecting a home or building and its interior from the elements – in particular outdoor temperatures, humidity, precipitation, wind and sunlight. This is achieved by modifying the structure so that energy consumption is reduced and energy efficiency is increased.

New build weatherization is achieved by:

  • Use of high-performance, air-impermeable open or closed cell spray foam insulation throughout the structure
  • Installation of energy efficient windows and doors
  • Use of an air-impermeable foam sealant windows and doors
  • Installation of a closed crawl space assembly

Retro-fit weatherization is achieved by:

  • Re-insulating with high-performance, air-impermeable open closed cell spray foam insulation open attic areas
  • Replacing windows and doors
  • Installation of a closed crawl space assembly

The Bottom Line

With weatherization techniques from Evergreen Foam & Insulation, you’ll enjoy significant cost savings by reducing your monthly utility bills up to 30% or more.

Creating a closed crawl space will also help lower your energy consumption, reduce your utility bills and help provide much healthier air throughout your home via effective moisture control.

Depending on the size of your home, the number of occupants and your energy usage, Evergreen Foam & Insulation estimates that within 3 to 5 years you will see a real return on the investment of installing spray foam insulation or a closed crawl space.

Go green and reduce your energy consumption, your utility bills
and your impact on the environment. Call Evergreen Foam & Insulation and find out how.

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