Sealed Envelopes

Evergreen Foam & Insulation’s sealed envelope services will help protect your home or commercial building from the elements and drastically reduce your energy consumption.

Sealed envelopes are an important part of building a smarter, more energy efficient and more comfortable building. Closed attics installed by Evergreen Foam & Insulation are by design not vented to the outside, helping to properly weatherize and seal the envelope against the infiltration of outdoor air, humidity, dust and allergens.


The use of our unique spray foam insulation product in your sealed envelopes assembly, wall cavities and floor joists can reduce your average monthly energy bill by to 20-30% or more.

Services offered by Evergreen Foam & Insulation

Evergreen Foam & Insulation uses spray foam installed by our own specially trained and certified crews.

To complete a sealed envelope, Evergreen installs spray foam insulation in wall cavities and, if applicable, the floor joists of new and existing constructions which helps create a sealed envelope system. Closed attics are code accepted and very energy efficient.


The illustration below shows spray foam insulation in sealed envelopes assembly:

Closed Attic Assemblies - Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington

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