We live in a 100 year old historical house, and were in dire need of some relief from the temperature fluctuation in our house. It was impossible to keep cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. After receiving 4 quotes from various insulation and spray foam companies, we made the decision to go with Evergreen because Seth was very professional and pleased to address all our concerns proficiently, and offered a solution that other companies couldn't match. One company told us we would have to rip out our entire upstairs ceiling to access the roof line. Seth assured us that the guys at Evergreen could access our entire roof line with minimal intrusion, saving us literally $3,000-$4,000 in demo and drywall work. They followed through with a great job on the application of the spray foam, covering every nook and cranny of the roof line with a deep layer of spray foam. The hard working installation team was professional, and in and out of the house in one day. The difference was immediate, our heat pumps not running near as much as they used to, and our house stays at an even temperature throughout our 1.5 story house.

It was a stressful decision to make, whether or not to spray foam our roof line, but we now know we made a great decision. Also going with Evergreen was the best choice. While other companies only created obstacles as to why spraying our 1.5 story historic house with very limited height and room to work in the attic would be very costly, and as one guy put it "probably not worth doing", Evergreen came in and made it happen. To us that spoke volumes about the kind of company that this was. I can say confidently that for your spray foam needs that Evergreen is the one to pick!

Mark and Emily B.