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At Evergreen Foam & Insulation we’re pleased to be able to help our clients realize a real return on investment through our sustainable and practical green building solutions.

Spray Foam insulation is a high performance building product that offers significant energy and cost savings over a relatively short period of time.

The table below illustrates average potential costs savings of spray foam compared to fiberglass insulation. This information is given material provided by Demilec USA and Chase Bank.

Potential Cost Fiberglass Insulation Spray Foam Insulation
3,500 sq ft home $3,500 - $7,000 $8,750 - $12,250
Potential Savings 3,500 sq ft Home
Monthly mortgage increase $59.96
Monthly energy savings $180.00
Total Monthly Savings $120.04

The additional cost of installing spray foam insulation is included in a slightly higher mortgage. The resulting monthly mortgage payment is compared with the potential savings on monthly utility bills - due to spray foam’s superior performance.

  • We can see from this research that the additional cost of installing spray foam insulation could be as high as $8,750 (i.e. $12,250 - $3,500 = $8,750).
  • The monthly energy savings resulting from spray foam is approximately $180 per month
  • The potential return period is approximately 4.1 years ($8,750 ÷ $180 monthly energy savings * 12 months).

Of course each home is unique and each home owner's energy uses is as well. That said when you install spray foam insulation, potential savings will be replicated each month of the structure’s life span.

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